ExecuSystems Foam Hanger Protection Strips Roll of 1600 Self Sticking for Retail Store or Home Use

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  • One roll of 1600 self-sticking strips provide protection for 800 hangers. Strips measure 4 inches long by 3/8 inch deep
  • These charcoal color foam hanger strips do the job on both plastic and wood hangers.
  • Peel these strips off the roll and apply them to your hangers to protect and prevent garments from falling off the hanger.
  • Ideal for protecting fine fabric garments while hanging in a retail merchandising area or closet at home
  • Hangers are sold separately and are not included with this item

This is a roll of 1600 Foam Hanger Strips with each strip measuring 4” long by 3/8-inch-deep which provides protection for up to 800 your hung garments in either a retail merchandising environment or home closet. These charcoal color self-sticking strips not only protect your clothing they stop items on your hangers from sliding off of hangers which can cause a mess on your sales or closet floor. These are ideal for use with sensitive fabrics such as silk. Please note that hangers are sold separately and are not included with this item.