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12 Inch Straight Arm Square Tubing Faceout for Grid Panels Case of 24

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Our 12" Square Tubing Faceout for Grid Panel is the answer to selling floor space limitations. Faceouts give retailers more merchandise display options at very low cost. The 12" Square Tubing Faceout for Grid Panel is simple to use and as a bonus, has a clean, upscale appearance. It can accommodate up to 12" of apparel on hangers, or use it to display handbags, scarves, jewelry, as well as hard to display items like evening wear, and prom gowns. A round ball at the end of the faceout adds a touch of elegance as it holds your merchandise securely to prevent sliding. The 12" faceout is also easy to install and remove for quick selling floor changeovers. Another bonus: the faceout self-attaches by hooking to wall-mounted Grid Panels in seconds.