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Multi-Purpose Handbag Rack with Square Tubing and 8 Adjustable Display Arms

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Introducing our versatile and customizable Handbag Rack, designed to showcase dozens of unique handbags with its eight (8) adjustable arms and five (5) hooks on each arm. Each arm independently adjusts at every 3" from 48" to 72", allowing for countless merchandising possibilities.

Our Handbag Rack comes with Slant Arms that are 18" long and one arm on each rack has a 3⁄8" fitting for convenient use with card frames. The legs and uprights are made of 1" square tubing, with the inner adjustable uprights and arms made of 0.83" square tubing for added durability.

Each set of four (4) arms includes 5 hooks to create 2 tiers for handbags, making this rack perfect for retail stores or trade shows. Additionally, our Handbag Rack comes with four (4) twist-on arms with hooks to create two tiers and adjustable levelers to keep your display secure.

With its sturdy construction and customizable features, our Handbag Rack is a must-have for any retail space looking to showcase their unique handbag collection. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your display and attract more customers!