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Spacious Product Display Bin

Sale price $ 212.89 Regular price $ 259.95

Maximize your retail space and display your bulky housewares and other oversized items with ease using our 48-inch Square Grid Dump Bin. This versatile retail fixture is designed to help you make the most of your aisle space while also providing ample storage for items that may not be packaged or that present major merchandising challenges.

Measuring 48"L x 48"W x 32"H, this dump bin features an adjustable shelf that serves as the 'floor' of the bin, allowing you to customize the storage space to suit your needs. This means that it's not mandatory to fill the bin completely, providing you with more flexibility in terms of product display.

Our dump bin is perfect for self-service and fast stock replenishment, and it makes short work of inventory changeovers. You can easily move the bin around your store by adding casters for increased mobility (optional casters are sold separately).

Invest in our 48-inch Square Grid Dump Bin today and create an attractive, organized, and efficient display for your bulky housewares and other oversized items."