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Acrylic Slatwall Shelf with Open or Closed Ends

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These crystal clear acrylic slatwall shelves are the perfect way to display your products or belongings in style and with durability. They are made of 1/4 inch thick acrylic, which is strong and shatter-resistant. The shelves are also clear, so you can easily see what is inside them.

These shelves are perfect for retail stores, home offices, and anywhere else you need a stylish and durable way to display your belongings. They are easy to install and can be used with any type of slatwall system.


  • Made of 1/4 inch thick acrylic
  • Crystal clear for easy visibility
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with any type of slatwall system


  • Stylish and modern way to display your products or belongings
  • Durable construction ensures years of use