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Grid Panels - Sets of 3

Regular price $ 48.00

This is a lot of three of one of our most popular display items, our 1' x 5' H steel panels are additionally dipped in gloss black epoxy for a chip-resistant finish that will last a long time. Coated display panels with this durable epoxy finish will withstand knocks and are damage resistant to keep that fresh appearance for a long time. Cost effective, our grid panels are may be easily fixed to any wall surface with fasteners (available separately). Panels may be additionally merchandised using faceouts, hooks, rails, and baskets (available separately). We recommend that you also purchase a number of these items to increase your selling floor opportunities. Another great option is to promote your clearance items.

These versatile Grid panels allow retailers to maximize their display and merchandising ‘real estate'. Our display panels are inexpensive and may be adapted to your retail theme and store decor to attract shoppers' attention to your expansive range of merchandise. Besides using the panels for wall display, they may be attached to the ceiling or can be arranged as free-standing floor units as one panel or may be connected to other panels. Just apply a little imagination, and you'll quickly find that there is no limit to your display possibilities using coated display panels.