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Pipeline Wall Mount 10 Inch Face Out For Retail Or Home Use

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Retailers know that expanding their sales floor does not have to be expensive. ExecuSystems has thousands of accessories that not only extend the versatility of their existing merchandise display units, but also allow for more inventory to be shown to customers. Our very popular series, the Pipeline Collection, includes a 10" long faceout. This faceout is made from industrial grade 1¼" diameter plumbing pipe just like the rest of the series, and given a scratch-resistant Anthracite Grey epoxy finish. This faceout mounts directly to wall for a secure hold and will support a row of light to medium-weight garments on hangers. The Pipeline Collection is a fresh take on the traditional industrial clothing racks popularized in New York's Garment District. Made from plumbing pipes and connectors, the series showcases a broad range of apparel to advantage, and draws shoppers' attention as well. Increase your selling space with 10" faceouts to highlight one type of apparel or to star one designer outfit.