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Ppe Floor Decal - Please Stand Here - Pack Of 5

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In today’s retail environment, merchants need to control the flow of customer traffic in their stores. Social distancing is the “new norm” in our country and ExecuSystems' variety of floor decals will help. Part of our Personal Protective Equipment line, our PLEASE DO NOT ENTER square floor decal is designed to encourage customers to keep their distance from one another while in your store. Use it in conjunction with our ONE WAY AISLE decal to maintain proper traffic flow. Use these decals in grocery stores, boutiques, shopping malls, vintage clothing stores, banks, department stores or libraries.The decal itself is designed to be repositionable and the adhesive does not leave glue marks when removed. The decal measures 12” x 12” square and is screen printed in a highly visible, bright blue and white finish. It will adhere to vinyl, wood floors, ceramic tile and even most carpets. Finally, a scuff-resistant laminate is applied over the printed vinyl to create a durable, non-skid surface. In addition to the PLEASE DO NOT ENTER decal, ExecuSystems offers four more PPE decals with different messages including, ONE WAY AISLE, PLEASE STAND HERE, PLEASE WAIT HERE and PLEASE PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING. Use these decals in your store to show you care about your customer’s safety. This decal is priced and sold in full packs of 5 decals.