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Set of 6 Shallow All Purpose Baskets 24"W x 12"D x 4"H Fits Slatwall, Gridwall and Pegboard

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These All-Purpose Shallow Basket with a Semi-Gloss Black Epoxy Finish is a great option for retailers offering small or packaged merchandise like craft and art supplies, hardware, jewelry, and OTC pharmacy items. The baskets' depth makes it easy for shoppers to quickly grab impulse items as well as for staffers to replenish these bins. our shallow baskets help retailers to avoid countertop clutter, delays at the POS while shoppers make selections, and shrink. Use our cost-effective shallow baskets to facilitate upsells as well. In addition to self-service, these baskets enable staffers to provide better selling floor coverage. Not only is supply replenishment easy but these baskets also make quick selling floor changeovers possible, as well. Maintain a supply of these versatile baskets in your backroom to create displays as soon as fresh inventory arrives. Our universal baskets mount easily to Grid panels, Slatwall panels, and Pegboard panels. No mounting hardware necessary.