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Set of 6 Sloped Front All Purpose Baskets 12"W x 12"D x 8"H Fits Slatwall, Gridwall and Pegboard

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Making it easy for shoppers help themselves to merchandise increases sales and upsells and allows staffers to provide better selling floor coverage. This Sloped Front Basket with Epoxy Chrome Finish features a front that makes it easy for shoppers to reach and and make their selections. The baskets also serve as a catch-all for difficult to merchandise items such as small toys and hardware. They also help to eliminate cluttered countertops, delays at the POS, theft and shrink. Highlight a wide range of your inventory including jewelry, accessories, and packaged items such as cosmetics. Our sloped front baskets permit easy supply replenishment and make quick changeovers possible, as well. These all-purpose baskets may be stacked in your backroom until needed to merchandise new inventory. Our universal baskets mount easily to Grid panels, Slatwall panels, and Pegboard panels. No mounting hardware necessary. Let our representatives assist you in making your merchandising display selections. Call us at 800-903-1294