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Tagging Gun Fasteners Standard Regular 3 Inch Box Of 5000 Barbs (8 Colors Available)

Regular price $ 13.77

Enhance your tagging projects with our vibrant Tagger Fasteners! This box contains 5000 Three Inch Standard Tagging Barbs designed specifically for regular tag guns. Please note that these barbs are not compatible with fine tag guns.

With 5000 fasteners packed neatly in a single box, you'll have an ample supply to tackle even the largest tagging projects. Each clip holds 50 fasteners, making it convenient to load and reload your tagging gun.

Say goodbye to tangled messes! Our Tagger Fasteners are designed to be tangle-free, ensuring a smooth and efficient tagging experience.

Featuring a sharp and vivid color, these fasteners add a touch of flair and visibility to your tagged items. Make your inventory management or retail displays stand out with our high-quality, reliable, and eye-catching tagging barbs.